Reach the Beach – 2015

All, if you haven’t seen my instagram, check it out HERE: I only posted a few pictures, but I seriously could have posted 1000. That may be exaggerating, but not by too much. I had an AMAZING group of girls running with me, #QuadGoals #GetBeachOrDieTryin.

Let me tell you, we got that beach, BUT we did not die, and we will be back next year in full force. And I’ll be back in full force with a recap of the race, at some point this week. If it’s not this week, I promise, by the end of the month.

I present to you, the 1st Place Women’s Team and the 33rd Team Overall, running for 26 1/2 hours ish, at 7:57/mile pace. These ladies are all amazing, love them all, and we will be back – so watch out. But also, seriously consider running this race next year.




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One Response to Reach the Beach – 2015

  1. pickyrunner says:

    Seeing your posts made me want to do this SO badly next year! Hopefully if I”m living closer to home/Boston, I’ll make it happen.

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