A little trip to NYC and a lot of other traveling (TOL #11)

Good Afternoon!

I figured since I have lots to ramble about, I’ll give you all a little Thinking Out Loud post. Thanks to Running with Spoons for hosting this linkup, per usual. Just so you know, I’m writing from NYC and will have lots to tell you guys about once I’m back from this trip!

Since we last talked, I have been doing a little bit of traveling to say the least. I’ve done the following:

3 days in Vermont (you may have already known that), filled with breweries, food, hiking, the outdoors, and lots of shopping. It was just what I needed with one of my greatest friends from college, Katie.




The top of Mt. Mansfield aka the Stowe Resort.

A weekend on the Cape – I’m lucky enough that my boyfriend and his family belong to a yacht club down the Cape. The last weekend we went down, it was their annual regatta, so while BF was off biking in the Pan Mass Challenge across the state of Massachusetts (192 miles!), I was sitting on the boat and tanning. It was so nice! We did get to pick him up in Provincetown on Sunday, which was also perfect and a great ending to the weekend.

My crew for the weekend.

My crew for the weekend.

The boys finishing up PMC.

The boys finishing up PMC.

A week in San Diego, followed by a weekend in LA – This week looked pretty much like this:

I arrived on Monday, to hang out with my parents for two days. They were there with my littlest sister, so it was great. I also have family out there, so we were able to visit with them the whole time.

A little electric biking through Coronado.

A little electric biking through Coronado.



On Wednesday, Sam arrived and we ended up doing more touristy stuff for two days with my parents, while my cousins and sister were off at surf camp. We were also lucky enough to stay at the Hotel Del, which is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t seen pictures, definitely look it up.

No hands - except for me, the scaredy cat.

No hands – except for me, the scaredy cat.

Friday, BF and I headed north to La Jolla for breakfast. This was followed by an afternoon in Del Mar before heading to the race track. I ended up getting a Pick 3 on the last 3 races, so I was ecstatic with my winnings. We had a little too much fun there, but I don’t hate it.


Our ride for the weekend.

As soon as we were up and moving on Saturday morning, we headed for LA. This involved a stop in Newport Beach for breakfast. Again, we found a great place – Rose’s Bakery, which came as a recommendation from a friend. We then added an additional hour or so on to our trip, and drove up the start of Highway 1. It was so nice to see all the beach towns along the way. We stayed in Marina Del Ray for Saturday night and it was just perfect. This allowed us to explore Santa Monica and Venice Beach, as well as hike Runyon Canyon on Sunday. After two great days in LA, we headed for a redeye back to Boston, big thumbs down on that. I was reminded once again why I LOATHE red eyes.

This is getting long already, so I’ll come back to entertain you with the rest of my travels in another post. If you don’t follow me on instagram, you should, HERE, in order to see all my travels. I also attempt to take good snaps, so follow my story at KynMich.

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One Response to A little trip to NYC and a lot of other traveling (TOL #11)

  1. Kathleen says:

    Looks like a fun trip. Thanks for adding your blog to Oiselle roll! I am on insta as katmcd22.

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