TOL #9: Thursdayyy

It’s Thursday, so what better time to link up with Running with Spoons – it’s been awhile – happy to be back!

1. I saw a bunch of people writing Thankful posts today, so just a few things I’m Thankful for right now:

– Summer

– The Ability to Travel

– Friends and Family

The list could honestly go on and on and on, but we’ll keep it at that for now. Maybe I’ll have this for another post in the future with more detail.

2. Racing – I have not one, but two races this weekend – a half and a 2 miler (more on this in a minute). I’m heading up after work tomorrow to Portland, Maine, for the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon, with one of my very best friends, Katie. We’re staying by the airport for the night, and then heading in for the race. We’ll bop around for the rest of the day after that.

Then, we’ll be heading back into town aka Boston, and I’m picking up my Aunt on Saturday night. Sunday morning, I’m heading to Vert Sasquatch with Nacho AC. This is the original race I ran with them and I can’t wait to run it again. The course is only 2 miles of trails or 2.3, but boy is it tough – I LOVE IT! The only experience I’ve ever had with trail running, but I’m definitely going to try to get into it more.

3. For those in Boston, have you heard of the company Move With? They are mostly focused on yoga teachers and getting them exposure at the current time. Primarily this is done by hosting yoga classes with them around town. Admittedly, I have never been to a class, but I have been wanting to – so soon!

Well, their amazing intern, Kiley, reached out to me a few weeks ago about running. They are looking to expand their platform a little bit more to the running front and to start group runs – so they’ve asked me to lead. I was so excited to get this ask and am thrilled they found the blog and my social media (I’m working on it!).

Here’s MY SITE (so cool!), and I will let you all know once I start to lead group runs. They will likely be in the Fort Point / Seaport area, and I would love to have you guys join, so watch out for those!  If anyone has pointers on leading group runs, please reach out to me and let me know – this will be my first go around with it all. I’m so excited about this opportunity though and for their belief / trust in my abilities – I won’t disappoint!

I guess I thought I had a lot more for ya’ll, but that’s about it for now. I hope you’re enjoying your Thursday evening. I just enjoyed a Talenti bar on the couch and am watching Shark Week!

Enjoy your weekend!

Any weekend plans? Have you led group runs? How boring are these posts without pictures? 

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One Response to TOL #9: Thursdayyy

  1. pickyrunner says:

    Good luck tomorrow! Hoping we can sync up at some point this weekend 🙂

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