Shopping Sunday

It’s Sunday, and I’m relaxing on the couch after a longggg day of shopping – life could be worse, we’ll just say that.

After a day of moving, Sam and I hit the road this morning for a day in Kittery, Maine for the outlets. It turned out to be a gross day, so this worked out perfectly. In only a few shorts hours, we managed to drop some $$$ and come home with lots of clothes and some stuff for the apartment – no complaints.

On the way back, we decided to make a stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for lunch and a little more shopping. This was followed by a stop at the New Hampshire Liquor Outlet, grocery, and then finally home.

To say it was a success, is an understatement. No complaints whatsoever.

In terms of workouts, yesterday I hit the bike at FlyWheel, and managed to put up 261 points on the Torq Board. I believe that was the second best showing ever. This morning, I went to Bar Method, for my 7th class. After 7 classes, I am absolutely loving it. I have until July 22 and I’m hoping that during that time, I’m able to crank out 20 classes. We’ll see if I get to that goal.

Hope everyone had an absolutely fabulous weekend.

What did you do this weekend? Where is your favorite place to shop?

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2 Responses to Shopping Sunday

  1. pickyrunner says:

    Funny story– I live one town over from Portsmouth and every time I go home my mom and I hit up the outlets in Kittery. Always TONS of good stuff 🙂

    That J.crew and banana republic are dangerous.

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