Chicago Marathon (TOLT #8)

Since I’m a bad blogger, it’s Thursday, and it’s been too many days since the marathon, I thought I should inform you:

I finished the Chicago Marathon and I promise you I’ll put a race recap up this weekend. My poor coach had to deal with a brain dump today of my race and the next couple of months, so I’m hoping I can turn all that into a post for you all.

For now though – my time was 3:41:19 – and I couldn’t be happier, given the circumstances. With just a month out from the BQ and a very busy fall, given the tiredness of my legs and the wall I hit around mile 18, I personally thought my time was great!

Courtesy of My Dad, near Milenium Park.

Courtesy of My Dad, near Milenium Park.

So now on to rebuilding for a bit, with a few races mixed in (half next weekend and then again in 2 weeks, followed by a Thanksgiving Day Race in Cincinnati!). And then we’ll be on to Boston – stick around for all of that.

And I thought I was going to write more, but the Pats are playing tonight (my 2nd or 3rd favorite NFL team) and I’m off to the bar to watch with some friends. Please stick around, promise there will be more race recaps to come – Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly, Zooma Half Cape Cod, and last but not least, The Chicago Marathon!

Have a lovely evening all.

Did you race last weekend? How did you do? Anything fun planned for this weekend?

Love to hear from you all!

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2 Responses to Chicago Marathon (TOLT #8)

  1. Patti says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your race recap of the Last Chance BQ marathon; I am planning on running it next month. I am ready for a BQ. I tossed around the Erie Presque Isle with 34% BQers or the Last Chance race. Did you run Boston 2015? how was it?

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