Marathon Packing List

So I came home tonight with full intentions of starting to lay out my clothes and pack them up for this weekend. Of course being the procrastinator that I am, then decided I had no desire to actually pack. With that, I’ve decided a better use of my time would be writing up my marathon packing list for you all to see. We’re less than 4 days out from the race and I have to admit, it’s about 90% of what I’m thinking about (not sure where that other 10% is going, we should probably say work?!?).

I first have to give my full disclosure, I’m a great NOT a good packer, at all. There have been a few incidents over the years:

1. Martha’s Vineyard, 2012 – As I unpacked my suitcase, which had only traveled from Boston, unlike the rest of the family, I realized that I had forgot the most important item of the trip – BATHING SUITS! AHHHHH – Kyn freaks out and is a hot mess over forgetting the suits, but we survive.

2. Devil’s Lake (who knows when) – Again, pulling out of the driveway, suddenly realized I again, did not have my bathing suits. May or may not have been before the other trip, not as traumatic, but still equally as scary.

3. My sister’s move-in to Villanova, 2011 – Realized upon arrival to the hotel that I had forgotten the most essential item of any trip, yep, you guessed it – underwear. Let’s just say that Nordstrom saved the day.

So with all that said, while I don’t often do it, lists are really the best method aka I would highly recommend! I’m not going through the non-running items, you guys should be able to handle those, just the running essentials.

**This list with references to brands is all my own, no one has sponsored this post, and all opinions are brought by me – Kyndal**

Packing List for a Marathon Trip:

1. Race Day Outfit –

Sports bra, favorite underwear, shorts/pants (whatever you prefer, I tend to say anything higher than 40 degrees deserves shorts), socks, and a top.

2. Pre-Race Clothes –

Could be something you don’t care about, like a long sleeve and sweatpants. I like to make sure that my body is able to be warm until I get to that start line. I tend to not be a happy camper if I’m cold. And I would highly recommend bringing clothes you don’t care about, you never know what will happen to them – I lost a long sleeve tee in Michigan (oh well, I’ve got tons!)

3. Running Shoes / Gym Shoes / Sneakers – however you refer to them!

Make sure you have your perfect pair picked out for race day.

4. Fuel – Gu, EnergyBits, Nuun

These are just a few of my favorites out on the course, but make sure to have whatever you prefer. My biggest advice – test them out prior to race day!

5. The Stick –

This is my favorite tool to roll my legs out prior to the race. Some people prefer foam rollers (hard to travel with), or the many other products out there, but I always seem to go back to this one.

6. Any injury prevention / protection items –

Right now I’ve been using KT tape, as a safety measure to tape up my knee prior to long runs. I don’t know how much help it does, but boy does it give me comfort!

That’s about it for my packing list, hope it helps you some, as I know many people are gearing up for marathons/half marathons over the next few months.

I think I’ve mentioned it a few times or two, but I’ll be headed to Chicago on Friday night for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I can’t wait to get another opportunity to run a marathon this fall and see what happens. I have zero expectations going into this race, and honestly I think that’s just the way to go. I’ll be sure to update you all with my results after the race or on Monday!

Would love to hear any tips/tricks/comments you might have for packing for a race. 

Anyone else running the Chicago Marathon this weekend? Any other fall marathons this weekend?

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