It’s Friday! (#2) & Giveaway Winner!

So it’s Friday, and alas, we should be ARE excited for the weekend. Weekend plans:

Tonight – Nothing, and I’m so happy about it.

Tomorrow – Long run, Junior League planning, Harpoon OktoberFest (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out THIS.)

Sunday – Cambridge Oktoberfest 5k and Bengals vs Patriots at Gillette

I’m so excited for a weekend in Boston, but with all that’s going on, I feel like it’s going to feel like a weekend away, but alas, what can you do.

I still owe you all a few race recaps, but until I get time to do those, let’s go with my favorites:

1. November Project / The Breakfast Club –

I feel like I’m always pointing this one out, but alas this is true. It gets me out of bed in the morning, and with Fall / Winter coming, that’s really all I can ask. I’ve been going to the Breakfast Club some on Tuesday and Thursdays, which is a great way to just get 6 miles in with friends.

Courtesy of Ryan Komaiko

Courtesy of Ryan Komaiko

And I’m so excited to have done some effortless recruiting today, a friend from my old job and Caitlin (check out her blog!), have both made #verbals to come next week.

2. Cambridge 5k Series

If you live in Boston/Cambridge, and you haven’t checked out this run series in Cambridge, then you are missing out. Eddie and his team do a fabulous job of putting a number of races on throughout the year. Their t-shirts are hands down the best t-shirts I’ve ever gotten from a race (they beat out the tech ones)!

Courtesy of Cambridge 5k Series - Facebook Page

Courtesy of Cambridge 5k Series – Facebook Page

And honestly, I just have nothing but good things to say. They always have fast, flat, and fun courses. Last but not least, the after parties are filled with tons of food and BEER, always from great local breweries. So yes, if you’re in Boston/Cambridge, get out and run one ASAP.

3. EnergyBits –

You saw my review on Monday, and if you didn’t, then go check it out here, NOW!

I won’t go into too much more, but these are my fuel these days for before my runs of any length. I’m happy to announce a winner of the giveaway from Monday:

Congratulations to LindaBrooks – “I’ve wanted to try Energy Bits for some time – now on the verge of Bariatric surgery, I am looking for a calorie source to fuel my triathlon training that will work with my new plumbing!”

Shoot me an email at by Monday, and I’ll be sure to send them out to you!

For those of you who didn’t win, definitely check out the site, and when ordering a bag, please use my code for a 30% off discount (you’re still winning!): KYRUNNER

Brand Ambassador badge_energy _large_web_transparent


That’s all for now folks, have a great weekend!

How was your weekend? Any race series you love?  

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