I got this yesterday…

Since I’ve been talking about this so much lately, with the marathon and everything, I figured I would share on here too. After almost 10 days of waiting, I got this in my inbox yesterday:



I’m so excited to be registered for Boston 2015. A lot needs to happen for this to all workout come April (aka I need to run through the winter), but hopefully this whole blog will keep me a little bit more accountable.

And as I’m sure you can all guess, this isn’t the last you’ll hear about it.

Anyone else running Boston 2015? Have you signed up for any other spring marathons yet? 

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2 Responses to I got this yesterday…

  1. Dan Oumedian says:

    Congrats! Ran this year and 7 other times and hope to go back in 2016. Nothing better in the marathon world!

  2. Congratulations on it being “official!.” I look forward to reading about your training leading up to the big race!

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