Goodbye August, Hello September

Happy Labor Day all – HLD! (I just needed to get that out there). Hope everyone is enjoying their day off, no matter what you’re doing.

I started the day off with November Project in South Boston. As I was running over this AM, a fellow November Project tribe member appeared behind me. He had run at least 3+ miles more than I from his apartment, and I of course hadn’t properly read the blog post on Friday, so managed to divert us and add an extra 1.5 miles – OOPS! Oh well, it was a nice run and a nice long workout, which ended with a dip in the water. I hadn’t done that in Southie for almost a year, since the last time I met November Project in Southie – last July. The water is always a great way to end a workout – need to do more of that next summer!


Well as most say that summer is ending, I saw something this week mentioning the fact that summer doesn’t officially end until September 28. Let me just tell you – I’m going to fully agree with this. My September is fully packed – as you could see from my Friday Five – so we’re going to embrace the September summer and ride it out for as long as possible.

2014-08-23 16.31.49-4

September will bring

1. Lots of running – hopefully I can top my 145 miles from August (I don’t usually count my mileage for the month, but I was very surprised and very happy to see that).

2. Lots of family and friends – trips to Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, and the Cape – and then to round it out, a trip to Chicago in early October.

While I traveled a lot this summer – mostly to the Cape, I can’t wait to embrace the fall travel schedule – to places a little farther away.

3. Lots of fun – traveling, running, family, friends – what more could I ask for.

Just wanted to get a quick check-in, since I was only sitting on the couch. Hope everyone has a great rest of the day and wonderful evening.

What’s up for September for you? How was your Labor Day?

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6 Responses to Goodbye August, Hello September

  1. Kaitlin says:

    That little part that summer doesn’t end until sept 28?? Score! Have a fabulous week!

  2. Sun says:

    I must try a November Project workout – they sound like so much fun! And I’m definitely going with summer not ending til Sept. 28. Feels like it never began so it definitely shouldn’t be over yet!

  3. Theresa says:

    It’s a great question you had. Traveling, running, family and friends … what more could you ask for? Lucky you! Continue to be happy!

  4. I had nooo idea when the official end of the summer was haha. Good to know! That’s some great mileage for August- good job! 🙂

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