Just Another Extraordinary Monday…

Today kicked off in a way I would have never imagined. Our fearless leaders at November Project, instructed us on Friday to meet on Monday at the Kendall Square T Stop in Cambridge, and that we would be venturing to another location for the actual deck. Well, we all ran in the dark and arrived at 5:30 AM (an hour early for us), to start our short jog. We jogged to a mysterious place that turned out to be – Charles River Canoe & Kayak – for a kayaking adventure. It wasn’t what I expected, but boy was it fun.

The workout consisted of us being split up into teams of 4. Two of us then went to the kayaks to have a race down the inlet, or whatever it’s called, and then the other two had to do laps around the path that surrounds said inlet. In between each lap, we were instructed to do 5 burpees – typical November Project.

My stellar form...  Courtesy of Bojan Mandaric

My stellar form…
Courtesy of Bojan Mandaric

I do have to say, over the past few weeks, I have noticed a remarkable change in my form for burpees, as well as my ability and drive to do them – and wow am I proud of myself (giving myself a pat on the back). A few Fridays ago, I tried to skip the stairs at Summit Ave, and Brogan called me out and proceeded to find me a partner and someone to do 10 burpees with. I think this was my turning point, because ever since, I have hated enjoyed doing burpees – something I thought I would never say.

Overall, it was a wonderful morning and a great way to start the week! Love me some November Project, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, today we had to say goodbye to my first November Project friend – Celeste, who is moving back home to San Francisco. I wish her all the best in her move and can’t wait to see her back here again to visit the tribe, and maybe I’ll even make it out for a workout with her new tribe at some point. I don’t know if she’ll even see this, but I’m cracking up with this picture from my first workout with the tribe back in May of 2013.

Courtesy of Bojan Mandaric

Courtesy of Bojan Mandaric

Well I think that’s all for tonight. I went to the Red Sox game with a few girlfriends, which was a blast. We went to the Lower Depths in Kenmore beforehand – a spot I would highly recommend – don’t tell too many people though, it’s a little secret spot.

Finally got my new tank from Class Pass and I can’t wait to sport it tomorrow morning to my workout.

How was your Monday? How was your weekend? What is your hidden gem restaurant? 

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3 Responses to Just Another Extraordinary Monday…

  1. pickyrunner says:

    I can’t believe you guys went kayaking for destination deck! Seriously the coolest workout ever. This is why November Project is the best. It never gets boring and pushes you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

  2. Wow that is such a different workout! What a surprise too! I am horrible at burpees…I only made it to November Project once but Im sure if I went more often they would improve!

  3. Sun says:

    Loved reading about your November Project workout! There is a group that meets in Milwaukee but I’ve yet to go to a workout. I’ll admit, I’m a tad intimidated 🙂

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