Thinking Out Loud – Thursday (#4)

Seems like these are the only posts I tend to get in these days, but I guess we’ll take what we can get, right?? Please keep reading – I promise to get better about them!

1. Lately I’ve been going crazy over the people crossing at lights, either when running or driving. If I’m running, I go batty when the walkers start walking when it says don’t walk, while I’m stopped waiting for the signal, even if they clearly shouldn’t be. Last week, I was about mid way through my run in Newton, when a woman stopped at a green light because she saw me waiting to cross. While normally I would be appreciative – in this circumstance, I most definitely was not. She had at least 2 or 3 cars behind her, and all I wanted was to have a little walk break. Also, the people crossing the street, while it says don’t walk, and they’re not looking up or texting – DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED.

2. Black Pants / Wrap Dresses – In my eyes, these are two essential items for the work wardrobe. I have one wrap dress, which I picked up from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a few years ago, but it’s nearly worn out. As for black pants, I ordered 3 pairs from the same sale this year and none of them fit – I was so mad. Well, I just ordered a pair from J.Crew this week, so hoping those work. If anyone has any suggestions for these staples, let me know.

3. Organization – I may have mentioned this before, but I’m just loving the Trello site. I’m in the process of planning a ball for the Junior League, and this is going to make our lives so much easier this year. Today, I even made a personal one, so we’ll see how that works.

4. Junior League Ball – Again I might have mentioned this, but I’m one of the Chairs for the Junior League of Boston Ball this year. We’re in the preliminary stages of planning, but so far so good – the chairs are all wonderful and I can just tell we’re going to have a fun year doing this.

I’m off to bed to prepare for my 15 mile run in the morning. Hoping if I get up at 5, I can round the run out with a few hills and November Project loving on Summit Ave – we’ll see!

Have you ever planned a large event? What are your staples for the office?

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