Dino Pool Party

I just wanted to share this with everyone before noon hits on this Friday Morning. Let’s just say that my day peeked before 8AM, and I’m completely okay with it.

Every Friday morning brings something new at November Project, and this Friday brought a “Dino Pool Party.” I was determined to get in the pool, after seeing all the fun the fast folks had last week. With not much thought, and some discussions of costumes – I remembered my bug costume from Halloween, a few years back. This costume while very cheap at target, was a last minute costume that served as far more than a costume. I wore this for the Halloween, where it snowed on Oct. 31, yes, Oct. 31, so it also doubled as my winter coat for the night.

With that said, I wore this for 4 miles today, and man was it sweaty. Lucky for us, Micah and Grace let all the dinosaurs go in the pool.

So enjoy my self humiliation – aka the best Friday yet this summer!

Dino Pool Party

Courtesy of Scott Yellow Photo

Courtesy of Scott Yellow Photo

Courtesy of Elin Flashman

Courtesy of Elin Flashman

And finally the reward for dressing up….the coveted pool party (my sole motivation).

Courtesy of Bojan.

Courtesy of Bojan.

I’ll be back later – promise!

Final Signature

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One Response to Dino Pool Party

  1. pickyrunner says:

    HAHAHA I LOVE YOUR COSTUME!!! I need to bring that trend to NP Bal 🙂

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