Saturday Night

Hi All,

It’s Saturday night, and I’m doing what all 20 somethings do on a Saturday night (HA!) – sitting on my couch, catching up on blogs, and watching John Tucker Must Die on MTV, which was preceded by Girl Meets World – quality television. Granted, this is all valid because I’m running a race in the morning and I try to avoid going out the night before a race, if at all possible, but I will give exceptions.

I spent all day today, looking at venues for the 2015 – Junior League of Boston, Ball. I’ve volunteered to chair the event. I’m sure a great deal of my time is going to be spent on this, during the upcoming year, so I will be sure to update you all on this as I go through with it all. I’m guessing I will be a seasoned pro by the end of it – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

After about 3 weeks of my roommate and I both being gone at different times, she got back into town and we finally got to have dinner at our local favorite – Five Horses South. Meg and I find ourselves here every time we go out to dinner together and then some. If you’re in Boston and haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely give it a shot. They have an extensive beer list (probably at least 50 on tap) and plenty of good food options (were known for going for the Mac & Cheese and Tater Tots, Meg likes the Foghorn Leghorn). I was a little disappointed with the M&C tonight, so I told the waitress and it sounded like she was very happy to hear. They gave the chef the night off, so I’m guessing that’s how it happened – I’ll certainly give it another shot the next time.

Yesterday, I went to November Project at Summit Ave, and was lucky enough to meet another blogger. Sarah and I had been emailing for a little bit, and finally got to meet here. I had narrowly missed her the last time she was at Summit Ave and the Heartbreak Hill Half Festival, so it was great to meet her and get to chat in person. And it definitely helped having someone to talk to up the hill. Our workout yesterday was particularly tough, since the guys added a pretty tough cross country element. I’m not sure I agree with their description, but let’s go with it.

Thanks for suggesting the selfie!

Thanks for suggesting the selfie!


Finally, last night, Sam and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary – man how time flies. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, but it’s been great. We went to Legal Harborside for dinner, walked through Seaport and along the Fan Pier, through the movie at the Boston Harbor Hotel- Wizard of Oz last night, to the Sail Loft for a drink (the first place we truly hung out), and then ended with espresso and dessert at Modern Pastry. It was a perfect evening.

2014-07-11 20.27.04 HDR

Look at my iPhone photo skills!

Look at my iPhone photo skills!


So I think I adequately made up for my random spiel on a Saturday, instead of a Thursday, but that’s it for now. I’ll be back for a race recap tomorrow. If anyone has anything that they would like to see on here – please let me know. I would love the feedback and just to hear from any readers.

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2 Responses to Saturday Night

  1. pickyrunner says:

    Yessss I’m seriously so happy we finally got to meet up! It made the early alarm even more worth it and I really hope we can plan something again 🙂

  2. Kaitlin says:

    AW my buddy Sarah!! Yes I am digging your Saturday night. Definitely had that routine last weekend when I was in the apartment chilling by 9pm because I had a race the next day.

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