What’s to come in July?!?

Happy July – or rabbit rabbit, as some say (although I’ve already said a lot today, and was told it had to be the first thing out of month, maybe I’ll get it in August…).

I’ll be back with my recap of my two races from Saturday – the Hyde Park Blast and the Great Race (which I did win, another post) – but for now, let’s move on to July and what is to come for the month.

1. Today is my last day at my current job (PwC) and I will be starting a new job on July 7. I’m very bittersweet to leave everyone her, but I’m so ready to start something new. My boyfriend works here, so I won’t be far from everyone.


My crew from the office.

My crew from the office.

This is my crew from my first day in the RICs group. I’m definitely going to miss them all, but I will surely see them soon – or at least I better!

2. For the 4th, I’m going to the Lake with my family. A little sad I’m not going to the Cape, but still excited to see the family and hang out for a few days before starting the new job.

3. I have a few different races coming up. This includes a trail race on the 12th, and then a few Thursday night races in a row. I’m glad these races aren’t all coinciding this year, and it’s nice because I’ll still be able to go to the Cape for the weekends!

That’s about it for now. I’m headed to Michigan tomorrow, so may be a few days until I’m back again. Happy 4th everyone, if so!

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