Thinking Out Loud (#2)

I haven’t been able to post much in the last week, but I thought I would join back in on Thinking Out Loud with Running With Spoons. This will be my second one of these posts, and I hope to keep doing them in the future.


I’m at home this week, just hanging out with the family, so I’ve had a lot of random thoughts going through my head, especially with practically nothing to do.

1. I was planning to use this week as a “workout week”. So far my workout schedule has been:

Monday – Pure Barre Cincinnati – I’ll do a review sometime this weekend or next week. It was my first Pure Barre class, however, and I would definitely go back again to feel some more  of that burn.

Tuesday – A quick 4 mile run around my old stomping grounds – Hyde Park. This is where my high school was located. We ran the streets most days after school for Cross Country or Track and I love getting back up there for a run, especially since it’s hilly. I also happened upon the CC team with their summer training, but found out my old coach was likely not there due to a newborn, so I didn’t stop by – next time!

Wednesday – I had worked out 3 days in a row, so I opted for an off day. I originally was planning to run a speed workout with an old cross country teammate, but ended up cancelling. A few girlfriends and I (Emily and Jane), went out to Nada (my favorite Cincinnati restaurant) and to see Fault in Our Stars, and I didn’t get home until after 1 – way too late for me.

And we’ll see what is in store for the rest of the week . I’m planning on doing the speed workout today and a little bit of yoga this afternoon, if time permits.

2. As many of you may know, I hired a coach – Lauren over at Will Run for Boston – who is helping me prepare for my potential BQ marathon in September. This is the second week of the training plan, but so far so good, although I need to be better about sticking to the plan (another post!).

3. Last night my family went to dinner at a restaurant called Sotto. This is an italian spot on 6th street in downtown Cincinnati. I had never been before, but I think the rest of them had. I love my italian food, and this was definitely not traditional, but it was amazing. I couldn’t snap any pictures because of the dark lighting in the restaurant (a little too dark in my opinion), but I hope you’ll take my word for it. This restaurant, as well as Nada, and a few others, are owned by David Falk, a local Cincinnatian, who is taking the restaurant scene by storm. This leads to my next thought…

4. As I sat in the restaurant, I couldn’t help but think how great the restaurants are in Cincinnati. For being a small town, the restaurants are definitely of superior quality for foodies and I believe truly rival those of Boston, if not exceed. If you want to argue with me about this one, you let me know, but I just LOVE all of these restaurants, although I may be a tad bit biased on this account.

Think that’s all for now, I’ll be back maybe later today and if not, then tomorrow with another post. For now, I’m planning to take the Ghosts out for their first run, go watch the USA game with some of my family in Fountain Square, and just enjoy another day at home!

What have your workouts been like this week?  

Are you / Where will you watch the USA game? Think were going to win?

I would love to hear from any of you!

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2 Responses to Thinking Out Loud (#2)

  1. Isn’t it great to visit home? I just got back from a week-long visit with my family in NH, and it was the BEST!
    My workouts this week have consisted mostly of running in the morning, and some form of weight training later in the day. I also tried adding yoga before bed – it turns out I’m embarrassingly un-flexible!

  2. Ever since the weather improved, I’ve been making more and more of an effort to take my workouts outside, and lately that’s meant a whoooooole lot of biking. I’ve really been loving exploring new places on my bike and getting lost in the trails. Gotta take advantage of the weather while the going is good! Before we get hit by like… 6 months of winter 😆

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