Thinking Out Loud (#1)

Happy Thursday. It’s the end of my work week basically, as we have Promotion Day for our firm tomorrow at Fenway – I can’t wait. Figured since I was going to ramble anyways, I would team up with Amanda with her thinking out loud



1. So my last day at work is July 1, which means I get to go to DC with the family and then home for next week. After that, I’m headed to our lake house in Michigan for a few days and the 4th of July – I can’t wait! It’s definitely been getting me through the work week.

2. On that note, I’m super excited to start my new job on the 7th, although definitely sad to say goodbye to all of my coworkesr. Luckily, we have lots of fun planned for the next couple of days and everything seems to be working out pretty well.

3. I have decided to get a coach in order to train for a marathon in September – the Last Chance to BQ in Grand Rapids. I’m really excited for this race, as it’s going to be all people trying to qualify. There’s a field of 330 people, it’s a 5 or so mile loop, and they have even said you can bring your own forms of hydration – sounds like we’ll be treated like elites.

4. I’m also running the Chicago Marathon in October, but that’s going to be more of a fun run. I’m running with a bunch of my friends from Boston and Chicago, so it will be a nice little getaway.

5. I signed up for the lottery for the Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco. The lottery closes tomorrow, so I’m crossing my fingers that our team gets into the race – would love all that swag!

Think this is enough for now – have a great weekend. I’ll check back in from DC or Cincinnati, we’ll see.



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