Granary Tavern

I was kind of at a loss for what to write tonight, after sitting at the Junior League end of year GMM all evening and then coming home to catch up on a little bit of work. Nevertheless, I’ve racked the brain and I think I’m going to give you a restaurant review – see where this goes. I’ll be back tomorrow night to finish up my recap of the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon & Festival Weekend.

This past weekend, Sam (I’ll be sure to talk about him more in another post, but he’s my boyfriend) and I went to the Granary Tavern with his sister and her boyfriend. It was her boyfriend’s birthday, and we were down by the water at another bar, but wanted to catch the Belmont Stakes race somewhere inside. I’ve been to Granary a few other times for work and with friends and have always enjoyed it. And this time definitely went in line with the others.

We started at the bar with beers and watched the race. Sam and I had one of my favorite summertime beers, Brooklyn Summer. While I usually prefer this on a boat and in a can – I think I’ll definitely continue to take it from a draft in a delicious restaurant. We also indulged in a batch of the garlic chips, an app I’ve been dreaming about since the last time I had them, over a year ago. After sipping on the brews, munching apps, and seeing California Chrome unfortunately lose, we sat down at a table in the basement of the restaurant. I had never been downstairs before, but it was very nice and spacious, as well as a little bit quieter than the rest of the restaurant.

I decided to surprise with a few appetizers – fried pickles and calamari. The fried pickles are a dish I didn’t have until January of this year, when Sam and I were sitting in an airport waiting out long delays, at Max & Erma’s. While probably not the most delicious ones you could try for the first time, they were still tasty and I’ve been eating them ever since. The calamari is an old favorite of my families and something that Sam and I usually get, when listed on the menu. We had had calamari the night before at another restaurant in the North End, Panza, and this honestly didn’t compare at all. The tentacles were great, but the rings were a little chewy.

For dinner, all of us had different items – chicken and waffles, lamb burger, bbq chicken pizza, and scallops w/risotto. Everything was delicious and definitely satisfied us all. I was attempting to do a little carbo loading for the race the next day, and I think I satisfied this with a little protein as well. We had pasta the night before, so I didn’t feel the need to get it again.

Overall – I would give the Granary Tavern an A- rating!

What are your favorite restaurants? What are your favorite beers to drink in the summer?




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