Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Festival (Part 1)

My apologies for being away for a few days, but I’m finally back…

Things were a little bit crazy at the end of last week, leading up to what this post is going to focus on – The Heartbreak Hill Half Festival.

This race was put on by Runner’s World at Boston College, my alma mater. I love going back to campus for every chance I can get. This was my first time going back for a race and I absolutely loved it. I decided to run the Hat Trick (5K, 10K, and Half Marathon). After having signed up for the Hat Trick in Bethlehem last October and not making it for the race, I was more than excited to run with Runner’s World.

On Friday, I worked until around 3 and then headed out to campus for the Expo. One of my friends from work, Meghan, who’s not a runner, headed out with me for the expo. It was great to have someone join in on the fun and show her what they are like. The expo was held in Conte Forum on the campus and had quite a few vendors. After picking up my bib and 2 t-shirts, hat, and socks (can we say swag!), we walked around for awhile. Some of the highlights of the expo included:

– a zip-up I picked up from the Runner’s World Apparel – I’ll try to find a picture of it, super light weight and will be good for the summer;

–  Zooma Half Marathon – I signed up for the half marathon they are having on Cape Cod in September. Last year, I ran the Zooma Chicago half. It was the first year for the race, so there were quite a few logistical issues with the course. The lady at the booth assured me that this had been fixed and they wouldn’t have the same issues. I was hooked – she gave me $20 off the price, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks (more swag!). I also convinced my friend Meghan to sign up for the 10K (which she thought was a 5k). The race is in her hometown, so it should be fun – great time of year for Cape Cod.

– Children’s Hospital of Boston – I signed up for a few silent auction items. When I went back to the booth on Saturday, I was still leading for a set of books (due to the price tag, crossing my fingers I didn’t win, we’ll see). Even if I did win, it’s for a good cause.

Balega SocksMarathon Sports and Balega had a booth set up selling the socks. I believe they usually retail around $15 per pair, but they were $30 for 3 pairs. Sounds like a deal to me and I picked up 6 pairs (even more swag!). They are quickly becoming my favorite pairs of socks to wear on any run.

Chia Bars – I stopped to try these bars and ended up with a pack of 20. They were quite tasty for the bars, which I’m always looking for and apparently much lower in sugar than some of the others. The guy at the table said coconut is the most popular flavor, but since I don’t like coconut, I ended up with a box of Acai Berry. I had one on Saturday before the race, and it was tasty. They come from a company called Health Warrior.

– I tried a sardine!

And a few other things. Overall, I heard the expo was expensive for vendors to get booths, but it was still very good.

This post is getting a little bit long, so I think I’ll save the rest of the weekend for tomorrow’s post.

What do you like about expos? Where have your favorite expos been? 

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