May Recap / June Happenings

Seems only fitting as the month begins, to start with a recap of May.

May Recap:

Harpoon 5 Miler – 38:38

After running this race last year, I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick race. The organizers do a great job every year, but for the course, there are just too many people. That being said, I went in with no expectations and that’s exactly what it turned out to be. I ran the whole course with Emily and Katie, which was great – we chatted and just enjoyed the run. I ended up being completely happy with my race and can’t wait for next year. The party afterwards, complete with lots of Harpoon Beer, was a great way to finish / start the day.

Johnny Kelley Half Marathon – 1:42:48

For Memorial Day, Sam and I traveled down to see his family on Cape Cod. Since I didn’t have much going on on the running front and Sam’s family completely understands the whole running deal (his Mom is a big runner), I signed up for a half marathon in Hyannis for Sunday. It was a great, small race, with a beautiful course. I was hoping to negative split the whole time, but didn’t run with a watch (running term – naked), so it made it a little difficult to do this. I ended up winning 2nd in the Filly division (140+ lbs), but after checking the results, I didn’t think this was going to happen, so we missed the awards ceremony.

June Happenings:

Cambridge 5k – Freedom Run – 22:07

Started off the month with a 5k in Cambridge with the Nachos, my running club (more on them in another post). I was hoping to break 21 with this race, but that just didn’t happen on Sunday. I don’t want to bring excuses into this, even though it was a very hot day (there’s my excuse). I felt good the whole time, although didn’t have a watch and there were no mile markers. This was really my only complaint for the course. Based on where we started the run, I started to kick as soon as I saw the T stop, which was just a little bit too soon. We rounded the corner and I was expecting to see the finish less than a 100 yards away. I’m not one for eye balling measurements, but I’m going to go with it was another 200 yards beyond that (maybe more). The kick was a little too soon and it didn’t make it until the end. Overall, I was very happy with the race and I got Sam to run it as well, so it was a win win. The party after had tons of beer from Notch, Slumbrew, and Night Shift – all local to Cambridge. And I finally got to meet the Nacho babies! It made for a great start to the month.


As for the rest of the month, there’s lots going on:

Runners World Festival at Boston College

Newport Weekend


Morgan Corporate Challenge

I have my eye on a few more races too, so we’ll see what the month has in store.


How was your May? Any fun races for June? 


All for tonight




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